About the Alliance

Woman digging in a vegetable gardenWhat is the Alliance for Healthy Homes & Communities?

Steering Committee
Members of the AHHC
Alliance Guiding Principles Approved 2-2013

The goals of the Alliance are to:

  • increase the number of organizations and individuals that incorporate healthy homes and communities principles
  • support local networks of individuals and organizations
  • encourage education about healthy homes and communities
  • work across sectors to encourage adoption of policies and practices which advance the cause of healthy homes and communities.

Since 2012 Alliance members have:

  • Organized 2 statewide networking and educational events with 250 participants
  • Seeded 10 local healthy home/community efforts across the state
  • Created an action network of 375 supporters statewide
  • Developed a legislative coalition to establish and fund a state healthy homes program.

Guiding principles of Alliance are:

  • Broad, voluntary coalition of organizations and individuals
  • Steering Committee will coordinate work
  • Members communicate relevant activities and developments
  • Formal communications are consensus-based
  • Members may opt out of public policy positions adopted by steering committee.

Specific activities

1) Build the Alliance network at the state and regional levels.

  • Outreach to stakeholder groups
  • Share Alliance member activities that create healthy homes and communities
  • Provide online tools to exchange stories, best practices, and new developments
  • Develop local and regional networks through community assessment, planning and network development training
  • Organize regular convenings about healthy homes and communities.

2) Organize members and supporters to

  • Connect people, programs and sectors
  • Develop and support policy changes

3) Educate community and public officials by

  • Creating opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and coordination through training, events and meetings.
  • Providing a central location for providers, consumers and other key stakeholders to access information and services on healthy homes and communities
  • Developing and testing a healthy housing standard
  • Developing standard screening, assessment, and inspection criteria and training.
  • Reshape the public narrative about the importance of healthy homes and communities.

The Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities was created through a special planning grant from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation.  In 2013 the Alliance received an implementation grant to support healthy homes and communities activities throughout Minnesota. For more information about the Alliance,  email megan@clearcorps.org