American Lung Association to provide HUD-required training in Northeastern Minnesota October 22 and 23.

Healthy Homes Rating System (HHRS) training will be held on Oct 22 and 23 in Duluth.  Currenty more than a dozen participants are registered for the class.

The purpose of the training is to provide in-depth training for representatives from multiple agencies St. Louis and Carlton counties in Northeastern MN (NEMN) regarding the required use Healthy Home Rating System (HHRS) for all HUD funded Healthy Homes/Lead Hazard Control grant activities.  

The opportunity to offer the training to home inspectors in NEMN creates a large base of professionals to increase the network of agencies, create new professional resources interested in Healthy Home concepts and practices, and should result in increasing the Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities membership.  The training will serve as a way to network with individuals who go into homes, learn attributes important to assess for home environment safety, and to walk away with an objective, numerical method used to explain to a variety of stakeholders the level of risk for individual living environments.

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