Overwatch Guide to Playing Bastion

This guide discusses the hero Bastion of Overwatch, his strengths and weaknesses, features of mechanics, recommended tactics and possible pitfalls. The guide was written based on the experience of playing Overwatch, as well as many years of experience playing first-person shooters. The guide is aimed at conveying the necessary information both to beginners and experienced players. It will be useful for both players and Overwatchbetz bettors.

Advantages of Bastion

Check features of Bastion:

  • He possesses the largest ammunition in the game and deals the greatest damage, which allows you to destroy enemy teams within a few seconds
  • He is able to replenish health through self-repair
  • He has a powerful absolute ability (Tank Mode), designed to deal strong damage to the area.


  • Cannot move while in tank mode.
  • Does not have the ability to increase the speed of movement and retreat; large model makes it easier to hit the enemy shells.

How to Play Bastion?

The bastion is a hero designed to protect and possess special abilities. He can switch between two different modes. In one mode, the Bastion does little damage, but can move normally. In another mode, it cannot move, but the damage from it increases dramatically. Thanks to the Turret Mode, Bastion instills fear in the hearts of opponents. In two seconds of shooting, he can kill even the most durable tank, without experiencing the need to recharge. This hero is the best suited for beginners who want to quickly achieve unsurpassed results.

At the same time, despite all attempts by Blizzard to correct the balance, the Bastion is still extremely effective against beginners who do not know how to behave in battle, and is absolutely not suitable for matches against experienced players who are able to take advantage of its weaknesses. The style of play by Bastion is largely determined by the shortcomings of this hero. Outside the turret mode, the Bastion practically does not cause damage, so it needs to minimize the time to change the place of deployment. This means that most of the time the Bastion cannot move, and opponents can freely approach it from the side or shoot it from afar.

Some players use the Bastion to attack, if the defenders took a vantage point near the attacker's resurrection point. They believe that they will be able to quickly break the defenders, and sometimes this tactic works, but by all indications it is not optimal. In the turret mode, the Bastion does not have a high survival rate, but it has to occupy a place on the dais, which makes it a priority target for enemy snipers. As a result, the Bastion dies, not having time to kill anyone. In this situation, a hero who could reach the enemy from behind (Reaper, Tracer, or Genji), as well as any tank, would be more useful. And finally, the Bastion can be of some benefit when playing in the Object Control mode.

Hope that this Bastion guide will be helpful for those who choose this hero in Overwatch.

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