The Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities has created and distributed a variety of educational materials through its regional gatherings, Statewide Convening, and more. These publications/resources are listed below. For questions, please e-mail

Alliance Description 01-13
January 2013

Webinars produced by the Alliance
2012 and 2013 

Statewide Overview
June 2012
Health is Rooted in Our Homes and Communities.

Statewide Developers and Apartment Managers
June 2012
Healthy Housing is a smart investment.

Statewide Employers
June 2012
Profitable Businesses Rely on Healthy Workers.

Statewide Healthcare Providers
June 2012
Good Health is Rooted in the Homes and Communities of All Minnesotans.

What is the Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities?
April 2012
The Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities is a concept being explored by several organizations in Minnesota. These organizations care deeply about providing affordable, green, and healthy homes to all and believe there is need for a statewide collaboration to support local efforts to create healthier homes and communities. To this end, we are reaching out to allies around the state of Minnesota to explore the need for and interest in a statewide Alliance.  Click on link above to download full document.

Assessment and Planning Tool
April 2012
This assessment and planning tool is for anyone interested in healthy homes and communities.  Use it to look at the broad picture of possible actions and see what role you might play. The tool can: 1) Provide a structure for community assessment; 2) Classify and map current and possible future work; 3) Identify overlaps and gaps; and, 4) Help everyone understand their role in effectively and efficiently providing healthy homes and communities. Click on the link above to download the tool.

Minnesota Healthy Homes and Communities
Practical Vision Elements

Draft April 2012
A joint publication of the Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities and the Minnesota Department of Health. What do we want to see in place in the State of Minnesota in three to five years as a result of collaboration among health, housing, and community development programs?  Click on the link above to download full document.