Staff and Residents at Scotland Green Apartments benefit from events hosted by Spring Lake Park Fire Department

On September 12, the Spring Lake Park, Blaine, Mounds View Fire Department in cooperation with Mounds View Police Department held a training for 25 staff members at the Scotland Green Apartments. Staff had an opportunity to ask questions and fire and police personnel shared safety information empowering staff to pass the information on to the residents.

A kick-off event was held on September 17 from 6-7:30 pm for the residents of the apartment complex. Approximately 100 residents attended the event. Most attendees stayed for the entire event. Participants interacted with other residents of the complex as well as the agencies that took part in the event. Representatives from the local community center, the police department, and Allina were there to answer questions. The Fire Department had games for the children, safety tables, and conducted a kitchen fire safety demonstration. An insurance agent was present providing information about renter’s insurance. Information was available from the public library about programming as well as Metro Transit.

25 families signed up for home safety surveys during the event. These will be conducted in November. The home safety surveys will allow the Fire Department to work with residents on an individual basis to identify things families can do to create safer environments.

This project was featured as a case study in the “Creating Healthy Homes for All” breakout session at the Healthy Homes and Communities Statewide Convening on October 1st.


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