An Ultimate Guide for Choosing the LoL Champion

Do you dream of becoming an unstoppable incarnation of destruction, or an unshakable rock? Or maybe you would like to turn into a treacherous predator scouring among the trees and overtaking the prey, snapping at it from the shadows? No matter what style of game you prefer, before placing bets on, check the guide on how to choose a champion for you!

What Role Would You Like to Play in the Game?

Champions are divided into several groups based on the roles they play on the battlefield. Check the roles and choose the most suitable one.

  • Killer. Killers are able to eliminate the enemy champion in seconds with the help of a deadly combination of auto attacks and skills. Killers can be recognized by the following characteristics: High travel speed; skills that allow you to quickly change position and maneuver; an ability to apply huge instant damage (due to attack power or skill skills).
  • Shooter. The shooter attacks enemies from a distance and, as a rule, focuses on inflicting high damage on one target with successive auto attacks. The arrows have the following distinctive features: They are capable of inflicting tremendous damage. They can attack from a distance and cause great damage by auto attacks.
  • Warrior. These champions can inflict and take a significant amount of damage. In any battle, they are usually at the forefront, and they are characterized by the following features: They prefer melee combat. They can withstand enough damage and stay alive. Their attack and defense scores are usually balanced, although not equal.
  • Mages. They rely on their skills to deal damage, which increases with their power of skills. Mages have other features that help distinguish them from other champions: Mages have to more closely monitor the expenditure of their magical power (mana or energy) than the rest.

    Their skills are very diverse: they can inflict enormous instant damage on a single target, as well as carry out devastating attacks on the area. They are quite vulnerable while their skills recharge.

  • Support. Those who help the team, strengthening allies and weakening enemies, are called champions of support. These champions have several specific features that distinguish them from other roles: Ability to stun or slow enemies. Skills that allow you to restore the health of allies, accelerate them or strengthen their attack or defense. Skills that weaken the attack or defense of opponents, reduce their speed of movement or health.
  • Tanks. Tanks are champions that can survive after receiving a huge amount of damage. They can be easily recognized by the following characteristics: They focus on protection (health margin, armor, and magic resistance). Do relatively little damage. They are able to survive in battle without support

If you are still not sure which role to take, you are recommended to try Field Teaching. You can choose Ash, Rise or Garen and play for these champions. This will give you a good idea of the role of each of them.

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