June Holley Workshop – Network Building

June Holley, author of Network Weaver Handbook, led a workshop in early June for members of the Alliance.  The purpose of this workshop was to provide and practice using tools to build a more effective network and engage more people in the work of the Alliance.

Slide presentation, videos and additional resources

Midsession Legislative Initiatives Update 03-18-2013

A follow up webinar was held on March 18, with the same presenters from housing, public health, children’s safety and transit, with hearing dates and action steps which Alliance members can take to be involved.
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Watch the webinar

Healthy Homes and Communities Legislative Initiatives Update 02-04-2013

On February 4th, the Alliance held a webinar on the 2013 legislative initiatives before the state house and senate.  Representatives from MDH, housing, public health, transit, and more presented which initiatives are moving forward and what Alliance members can do to support those initiatives. 
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Watch the webinar.

Building the Network 12-10-2012
Kicking off the work the Alliance would undertake in 2013, this webinar focuses on the concepts of network building and sets the stage for the coming year.
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